Flag Football Schedule & Scores

Welcome to All Our New Players, Coaches and Cheerleaders!

Season begins September 16, 2023

1st and 2nd Grade Teams

Millsap  (Callan)
Brock #1 Smith
Brock# 2 Porter
Brock#3 Bearden/Key
Brock#4 Wales
Brock# 5 McCoy
TCA #1 Thompson
Cowboys (Long)
Coyotes (Miller)

3rd and 4th Grade Teams

TCA#1 BG/Ladouceur
Tca#2 Lowe
Millsap (Sims)
Roos White (Duran)
Roos Blue (Grimes)
Peaster (Graves)
Frogs (Whren)
Brock# 7 (Benge)
Brock# 8 (Smith)
Brock#9 (Murphee)
Cowboys (AJ Parent)

5th and 6th Grade Teams

TCA #1 (Hilburn)
TCA #2 (Hilburn)
Frogs (Harbor)
Cowboys (Stone)
Peaster Blue (ERobinson)
Peaster White(Boujon/Cross)
Falcons (Crow)

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